Missing Mountain Brewing Company (est. 2011) opened in June 2018 on the banks of the Cuyahoga River, in Cuyahoga Falls. Although the brewery opened in 2018, the group of four that opened the brewery have been homebrewing since 2008. They all have a shared love for the outdoors and all that Northeast Ohio has to offer - and felt the only thing missing was a mountain, hence Missing Mountain Brewing Company! The river was later added to their logo to showcase the Cuyahoga River that runs next to the brewery. The gentleman at MMBC were kind enough to open the doors a little early on Friday morning of their opening weekend to show me around and capture the essence of MMBC and learn about plans for the future.

The taproom has an elegance that makes you feel like you are in a sophisticated tasting room, with lights hanging from the ceiling and simple decor on the wall, yet a laid back feel. Maybe it's the concrete bar top or the iron and wood tables and chairs - but you just feel at home. The taproom has several areas for seating - and more to come! A separate room upstairs will be able to be booked for small parties - it has a great view of the river! But that's just the inside! Take a step out on the patio and you are instantly drawn to the river running adjacent to the building. The main patio is finished - but there are two other patio areas that will be developed into relaxing areas that put you even closer to the water. Definitely excited to get back and check out the finished product!

Also had the pleasure of checking out the brewhouse that resides next to the taproom. The area it sits on actually had to be built up - as the area basically sloped straight down into the water. (Through a series of Google Image captures - I was able to gather what the building originally looked like - and the crazy amount of work it took to get it to where it is today!) We discussed the Portland Kettle Works system that is used for brewing and learned how they were able to bump up their homebrew recipes to brew on the larger system. We learned about the draft faucets used in the taproom and how they require extra care to prevent clogging and being damaged - this means they leaving all the impurities from fermentation, allowing for a cleaner and more delicious beer for you to drink!

I want to personally thank Dan, Dave, Keith, and Danny for allowing me the opportunity to visit - I am eager to visit again - as I'm already missing Missing Mountain!